Restoration Service


SCI Textiles operate from a purpose built facility, using the most up to date equipment and processes within the industry in order to achieve outstanding results in the cleaning and restoration of textiles. We comprehensively restore all soft textiles to their pre-incident condition. One of the processes we use is Miele Professional wet cleaning, a technology developed by Miele and detergent manufacturer Kreussler.

The goal was to develop a cleaning process that effectively cleaned all garments through a safe biodegradable detergent process. The system provides perfect protection for the fabric and for the environment. A process that is “Truly Green”.



Why would we not restore an item?

  • The item is not restorable due to pre-incident condition
  • The item is not restorable due to incident condition
  • The items restoration cost exceeds replacement cost
SCI Group are passionate about removing all single use plastic from the Business.
All materials within production are biodegradable and all paper and cardboard products
are either recycled or from a recycled source.