SCI Textiles - The Cleaning and Restoration Professionals

Cleaning & Restoration Process


SCI Textiles operate from a purpose built facility, utilising the most up to date equipment and processes within the industry in order to achieve outstanding results.

One of the processes we utilise is WetCare.

Miele Professional Wet Cleaning is a garment cleaning process based on technology that was developed in 1991 by Miele and detergent manufacturer Kreussler.

The companies goal was to develop a cleaning process that effectively cleaned all garments through a safe biodegradable detergent process.

A process that is "Truly Green".

Miele’s WetCare system provides perfect protection for the fabric and for the environment.

The washing cycle uses 30% less water than conventional machines and can clean at as little as 20oc, reducing energy consumption by 50%.

All Miele Professional washing machines are accredited by the Water Technology List, a renowned body that recognises products which really protect the environment.

As it is water-based, the WetCare system is able to clean a wider variety of materials than traditional dry cleaning within a shorter amount of time.

The WetCare programmes on the machines can be designed to respond to changing market opportunities e.g. the cleaning of Ugg Boots and Mulberry Bags.

Key Highlights:


Excellent cleaning results


Environment Friendly Processes


High Levels of Economy


Low Water and Energy Consumption Levels


Excellent cleaning results


No Air Pollution


Market Leading Performance


Colours are brighter and retain their original look

Natural Fibres

Natural fibres such as angora, cotton, cashmere, linen and silk

Artificial & Synthetic Fibres

Artificial fibres such as viscose, acetate; synthetic fibres such as acrylic, polyester and GoreTex

The Process:

Wet cleaning uses highly sophisticated washers and dryers to safely clean all articles of clothing that normally are dry cleaned.

Wet cleaning uses water; nature’s best cleaning solvent and a safe biodegradable detergent mixture to clean.

The biggest advantage of wet cleaning technology is that it is the most effective way to remove water based stains and odours, rendering clothes not only truly clean, but fresh smelling.

The process does not expose workers or customers to toxic chemicals.

A wide variety of materials can be cleaned in a wet cleaning system.

As the WetCare system uses no solvents customers instantly notice the fresh smell and soft feel;colours are brighter and retain their original look.

Miele’s unique honeycomb drum provides the gentle processing of sensitive garments.

As the machines have normal washing programmes, day to day laundry items such as duvets can also be processed.

Natural fibres such as angora, cotton, cashmere, linen and silk.

Artificial fibres such as viscose and acetate.

Synthetic fibres such as acrylic, polyester, GoreTex.

Leather, highly sensitive fibres and everyday items such as trousers and jackets etc.