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Key information to be included in the Inventory Report:

Room Item Clean Cost P/I Damage Evidenced Action Barcode
Lounge Jumper £4.84 YES Clean 879
Bedroom 1 Shirt £5.56 NO Clean 880

Key information to be included in the Validation Report:

Room Item Brand Condition P/I Damage Evidenced Clean Cost Replacement Cost Action Additional Information Barcode
Lounge Jumper Blueton 3 YES £4.84 £18.90 Clean Worn/slight pulls 879
Bedroom 1 Shirt Tommy 2 NO £5.56 £48.50 Clean N/A 880

Stage 1

At this point we may be instructed to return your items in an un-restored state or alternatively we may be asked to restore the items that we feel are able to be cleaned.

Stage 2

If we are asked to restore the items, we will contact you to discuss a suitable return date and establish if the items are to be long term stored.

Stage 3

Upon return of your restored textiles a full packing inventory which matches the Validation/Inventory report will be made available to you.

SCI Textiles operate from a purpose built facility, utilising the most up to date equipment and processes within the insurance industry in order to achieve outstanding results.

Chris Dale - Managing Director, SCI Textiles